Clann Doone by Cyn Hadyn

Clann Doone 1Clann means family and what a family it is. I am pleased to introduce the family of Clan Doone. Laird Ranald Somerled Doone is a Finfolk, which is a seal shifter with mage powers. His wife, Adora Argento, was a former Queen of Sirens from the Isle of Capri, and their children, Auric and Aurelia have inherited a combination of their powers.

The Doone-Argento family serve Poseidon, the God of the Seven Seas, and as his agents, they seek to Continue reading

Hearts Asunder by Cyn Haydn

Hearts Asunder lPoseidon slammed his hand down on the bejeweled arm of his throne and earned a rebuff from the piece of royal furniture by way of a small cut from one of the sharply faceted diamonds adorning it.

He’d thought his idea of strengthening Clann Doone by bringing back the laird and his lady from the Fade, and using him, plus a complement of Blue dragons as an air component, would stop Continue reading

Auric by Cyn Hadyn

Auric CoverHe thought his life couldn’t be better. Poseidon brought him back from the Fade to attend the wedding of his sister, Aurelia, to his best friend and he even got his old job back as a Poseidon operative.  But Auric should have read the fine print.  Not only was he not going to be a skirt-chasing merman anymore, he was now a day-walking vampire partnered with a tall, blonde, Berserker who’s so not on-board with being a walking blood donor. In fact, he’s one step away from a PTSD melt down.  Maybe telling him they’ve been accidentally blood-bonded wouldn’t be a good idea. Continue reading

Aurelia by Cyn Hadyn

AureliaThe Navy SEALs feature a trident of Poseidon on their insignia totally unaware that the Ruler of  Seven Seas has his own SEAL Team. Poseidon has dolphins, seals, mermen and even dragons do battle with those who would pollute his realm with drugs or Eco-terrorism.  SEALs are supposed to be tough guys but one gets a lot tougher when infused with the blood of a Poseidon operative.

This book gets stranger with every turn, but putting  Continue reading