Clann Doone by Cyn Hadyn

Clann Doone 1Clann means family and what a family it is. I am pleased to introduce the family of Clan Doone. Laird Ranald Somerled Doone is a Finfolk, which is a seal shifter with mage powers. His wife, Adora Argento, was a former Queen of Sirens from the Isle of Capri, and their children, Auric and Aurelia have inherited a combination of their powers.

The Doone-Argento family serve Poseidon, the God of the Seven Seas, and as his agents, they seek to punish any mortal who dares harm his realm by polluting it, or using it to transport drugs, weapons, or human slaves.

Poseidon has a host of agents who serve him. In fact, the original SEAL team was his idea. He prefers to field agents who have the ability to maneuver on water as well as land. He also has the sky covered by a contingent of Blue dragons. Poseidon runs a tight ship and his agents can expect him to pop in to their lives at any time. Usually at the most inconvenient time, especially if there is spumoni ice cream anywhere on the premises or if there is a hint of fraternization between his agents. Poseidon’s cardinal rule is no hanky-panky between agents unless they are married. You’ll have to ask Aurelia how she and her partner Bard, a Norwegian dolphin, managed to bend that rule.

Meet Aurelia, who has her mother’s mermaid/siren genes as well as her father’s Finfolk seal-shifter, healer genes. Her brother, Auric, started life as a siren, or merman, but a mortal blow sends him to the Fade to return as a day-walking vampire with new abilities. Some kick-ass, and some totally unexpected, as in a former Navy SEAL as a life mate.

You will also meet Emrys Pendragon, King of the Blue wyvern. Emrys is new to his persona of dragon, and if he survives the attempt to unseat him from his throne, he just might make a good ruler.

All families grow with each new member, and Clann Doone is no exception. Come, open a book and meet them.

(Poseidon book three was originally published June 2013 in eBook format)

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