Auric by Cyn Hadyn

Auric CoverHe thought his life couldn’t be better. Poseidon brought him back from the Fade to attend the wedding of his sister, Aurelia, to his best friend and he even got his old job back as a Poseidon operative.  But Auric should have read the fine print.  Not only was he not going to be a skirt-chasing merman anymore, he was now a day-walking vampire partnered with a tall, blonde, Berserker who’s so not on-board with being a walking blood donor. In fact, he’s one step away from a PTSD melt down.  Maybe telling him they’ve been accidentally blood-bonded wouldn’t be a good idea.

Even their assignment is whacked.  The rising Welsh singer they’ve been assigned to befriend has some seriously strange quirks.  Every time someone accidentally touches the singer’s blue dragon tattoo, a inter-galatic movie worthy holograph of a dark-haired beauty pops up. It seems even though they’ve never met, she’s been betrothed to the Welshman from birth.  Whatever the singer is, he isn’t a card-carrying human.

Knowing when to fold ’em, Auric asks to be returned to the Fade forthwith only to learn that all of the bad karma he’s earned, courtesy of his former sybaritic lifestyle, precludes any return unless it’s feet first, and not by his own hand.  But you don’t become a top Poseidon operative unless you’re resourceful, so Auric has a plan.  All he has to do is sharpen a sturdy stake and hand it to his thoroughly pissed off partner– right after he whispers the three words his heart has wanted to say from the moment they were introduced.  Yep, that should get him a one-way, direct flight back to the Fade!

But the plot thickens as it always does!  The twists and turns finds some blood crazy Mexican drug dealers who don’t care who they hurt.  What happens then is . . .  well, one will have to read the book!

Much more intense than Aurelia and way more action!

(Book two of the Poseidon adventures was originally published August 2012 in eBook format)

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